Science Survival Kit Summer School

Split, Croatia

July 15th - August 25th, 2019

Rhizome Association

Rhizome Association is a community of like-minded individuals who believe the future of education should be based on active learning, skills development and interdisciplinary projects in science, arts and civic engagement. Rhizome Association, founded by Tamara Milosevic and Omar Awile, hosts diverse educational programs and interdisciplinary projects.

Active Learning with hybrid courses

Science Survival Kit modules were tought for the last five years at the University Paris Descartes. They are delivered as hybrid courses, allowing you to schedule your learning time while offering maximum student-teacher interaction to develop your skills and put the learned knowledge into practice. Check out our introductory videos and some of the projects students have created in in the past.

A one of a kind teaching team

We are an enthusiastic team of teachers and mentors composed of former participants of the program and teachers who developed and tested the program.

Tamara Milosevic and Omar Awile are the principal teacher and designer of the Science Survival Kit modules.
After her PhD in biology, she designed innovative science courses (LabSprint, Biosensors, ...) and coordinated the Bachelor program Frontières du Vivant, University Paris Descartes, and designed pedagogical programs for Association Frateli, Paris, France. Currently she consults universities on the implementation of innovative teaching methods, and works on developing the Rhizome Association as its first president and co-founder.
Omar Awile obtained his PhD degree in 2013 from ETH Zurich in the field of high-performance computing. He has more than 10 years of experience in academia (EPFL, ETHZ, CERN) and industry (IBM, Intel) working on various topics at the intersection of computer science, natural sciences and engineering. He has been teaching computer science at ETHZ, MedILS and University Paris Descartes since 2009.


The Rhizome Science Survival Kit program is supported by the Alcuin Fund managed by the King Baudouin Foundation. Furthermore, we thank all our crowdfunding donors for their trust!