Science Survival Kit Summer School

Split, Croatia

July 15th - August 25th, 2019

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Join us for an exciting summer in Croatia and become part of a community of young interdisciplinary researchers.
Application window is open now until March 24th, 2019.

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...being part of a team proposing daring solutions to global problems, using science, creativity, critical thinking and collective intelligence...

Experience all this and much more in the "Science Survival Kit", a training that helps you develop your research and transversal skills and certifies your level to help you pursue your future projects!


"Science Survival Kit" Summer School is a unique opportunity to develop important research skills early in your career. Research skills are very diverse, ranging from article analysis and experimental design, to creativity and leadership skills. It is therefore crucial to introduce them in a systematic way from early in your studies, and to build on top of previously introduced skills to achieve their mastery.

Since solving complex and global problems requires interdisciplinary experts, focusing on interdisciplinary topics is an important goal of the Science Survival Kit Summer School (SSKSS) curriculum. Workshop-based, intensive modules offer a chance to focus the attention on one topic through different approaches from different disciplines and points of view, taught by researchers from various fields. Dedicating an intensive time for an interdisciplinary topic in each module offers means to connect diverse scientific concepts and presents the participants with a unified view on science.


UN Sustainable development goals are at the core of the SSKSS program, to raise awareness of global challenges we are facing today. Explore what you can do to help ensure a better future for our planet and become a responsible scientist and citizen, by using interdisciplinary approaches to solve complex problems, and communicating the scientific ideas to the general public.


"Science Survival Kit" Summer School offers you a chance to learn about science in a different way, by becoming an active participant of the reseach community, and being responsible for your learning path.

The unique features of this learning adventure include:

  • Project-based learning of scientific methodology, creative and critical thinking and teamwork
  • International and intercultural experience, practice of scientific English
  • Interdisciplinary approach to learning sciences
  • Active teaching methods and field work
  • Self- and peer-evaluation of transversal skills
  • Development of a research and entrepreneurial community
  • Enthusiastic team of teachers and mentors, composed of former participants of the program and teachers who developed and tested the program
  • Possible continuation of research and entrepreneurial projects after the program


Science Survival Kit Summer School aims to become a leading research-based summer program for adult learners. Being an innovative pilot project, this semester is a real opportunity to perform a systematic longitudinal study of the development of scientific interests, research and transversal skills in a small group of participants, thus contributing to the understanding of the learning process in intensive active-learning environments.

Dive into the Summer School in Croatia!

"Science Survival Kit" Summer School is delivered in two parts, introductory and advanced. The three introducatory and two advanced blended learning modules combine e-learning, face-to-face lectures and projects held in Split, Croatia. Field visits (institutes, museums, field trips) constitute an important part of the program.

The 2019 Summer School will consist of the three introductory modules starting on July 15th and lasting until August 25th. A one week holiday period is scheduled from July 29 - August 4 2019. During this time the participants may choose several activities, such as explore Croatia and neighbouring countries, visit Petnica Science Center in Serbia, participate to the Summer Science Factory for school children as a mentor, prepare diving certification…

Focus on learning, not on grades!

Our goal is to help you develop skills and understand how science works. There is therefore no formal traditional exam, but a series of continuous assessments that have a formative purpose to help participants develop skills and knowledge. The assessment we use in the modules is diverse - it includes active participation in class, projects, and online activities, as well as written and oral assignments with an emphasis on exercising specific tasks and receiving constructive feedback from peers and teachers.

A proven approach to jumpstart your career!

The modules of this program have been taught to undergraduate students at University Paris Descartes for the last 5 years, consistently receiving positive student feedback. The learning through research curriculum has been shown to be successful in providing students with the necessary credibility when applying to university programs, internships and jobs.

To further help in justifying this unique experience, upon completion of the full program the participants will receive a certificate that clearly describes their accomplished level of research and transversal skills.

In addition, all projects developed and executed in the program will be communicated publicly under the Creative commons licence, which increases the credibility and visibility of the participant’s accomplishments. Furthermore, participants are invited to freely use the results in future scientific and entrepreneurial projects, as long as they clearly state the contributions.